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SkinToxx has specially formulated signature treatments that combines our most popular services to ensure the best proven results. Jumpstart your tightening and brightening journey with us while leaving with that SkinToxx signature glow. 


SkinToxx Minimalism 

The SkinToxx Minimalism Package safeguards your skin and well-being from the inside out, featuring clean ingredients for all-around protection. A regular quarterly essential, it embodies the philosophy of "Less is More, More Radiance, Naturally.”


  • 50 Units of Botox

  • One Chemical Peel

  • Signature Skincare Bundle

  • Thorne Probiotics and ResveraCel®


  • Minimalistic inner and outer beauty routine with clean ingredients that achieves a youthful glow.

  • Botox addresses wrinkles and fine lines, offering a targeted approach to anti-aging.

  • The chemical peel serves as a catalyst for skin renewal while the skincare bundle fosters a healthy microbiome to aid in barrier restoration.

  • Thorne Resveratrol and probiotics, when combined, create a symbiotic relationship to internally and externally optimize skin health.

SkinToxx Bright Eyes

SkinToxx Bright Eyes is the ultimate package for achieving brighter, more youthful-looking eyes.​



  • Three PRP Tear Trough Injections

  • Botox Brow Lift 

  • SkinMedica Bright Eyes Eye Cream



  • Reduction of dark under eye circles

  • Improvement and thickening in skin texture

  • Minimization of fine lines and wrinkles


SkinToxx Perfect Pout

The SkinToxx Perfect Pout is for those looking to enhance their natural beauty and achieve the “perfect pout”.



  • One Full Syringe Lip Filler

  • One Lip Flip

  • 40 units Botox

  • SkinMedica Smooth & Plump Lip Cream



  • Subtle yet noticeable transformation

  • Enhnace natural features

  • Anti-aging

SkinToxx Collagen Induction

Your True Anti-Aging Package. Elevate your skincare journey with an all-natural treatment that not only promises radiant, glowing skin but also kickstarts your path to timeless beauty.


  • Three PRP Microneedling Facials

  • Three PRP Tear Trough Injections

  • Signature Skincare Bundle


  • Tightening & brightening

  • Helps with dark circles

  • Collagen induction/ anti-aging 

  • Rejuvenating 


SkinToxx Ultimate 

The SkinToxx Ultimate is for those looking to enhance their natural beauty and prevent/ reverse aging.



  • Three PRP Microneedling Facials

  • Two Syringes Filler

  • 100 units Botox

  • Signature Skincare Bundle

  • Throne Probiotics and ResveraCel®



  • Enhance Your Natural Beauty

  • Protect Inner and Outer Radiance

  • Add Volume, Smooth Skin, Anti-aging

  • Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

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